Thursday, April 10, 2014

FTB #05 - My Heart Bleeds for Two Factor Authentication

The HeartBleed bug is making waves across the internet, and has already been implicated in at least one BTC heist.  CryptoCoinNews has a detailed account of coin being stolen from BTCJam.  We take a quick look at the tumbler network the coins were fed into.

Follow the Bitcoin 1.2 Released. Now on the Mac App Store!

Follow the Bitcoin version 1.2 has been released.

The biggest news is that the app is now on the Mac App Store [link].  I had to change the icon to appease a reviewer, but I hope to get the old icon back.

You can also install the app as a plain old installer.  I have installers for Windows [exe][msi], Mac [dmg] and two bundles for Linux [rpm][deb].  Follow the Bitcoin version 1.2 is also free as in speech, so you can also install and run the software from source yourself [zip][tar.gz].  You will need Java 8 and a cursory knowledge of Gradle to build it from source.
DownloadMD5 Sum
Windows .EXE  27553c582085f8a1419df5686302a1c0
Windows .MSI  99f4c6338422c9770a7ac7d17db510ce
Mac OSX .dmg  306d8a73e06481b5bbb811dff01bd91b
Linux RPM  b054980cb066ca2195f56db25c2a3dd4
Linux deb  12ca47614be5632de8f3ac1e7b6676ab
source in a zip  f53a335c03684f1ad7dcc914e56bb03c
source in a tar.gz  870380e6d9c4ed9bc4441b29f57f28e6

There is one principal new feature in this release: some rudimentary analysis functions.  You can climb and descend Split Pyramids (like the one form Mt. Gox).  You can also follow what I term Spend and Change trails.

I hope to have a video about Spend and Change next week, but this week I jumped at the chance to show a tumbler in action.  Expect to see that video later today.

Edited to add MD5 sum table.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

FTB #04 - Not All Pyramids are the Same

There was at least one other pyramid that showed up on the blockchain the same weekend as Mt.Gox found their 200K.  But I don't think this is Mt.Gox bitcoin, and I don't think it is Dread Pirate Roberts bitcoin either, although it has the taint.

The BitcoinTalk thread I first showed:
And another wild speculation thread: - note that the old Mt. Gox leak lines up with some of his pre-sweep deposits.

And the Github project for this tool: